Hunsberger Cousin Info

Charles August (Brown) Hunsberger

(Following my red numbers on the pie)

1*. Charles Brown. Listed in census as “Hand” at 17 years old — Census record bottom under Samuel Hunsberger.

2*. Arthur L Brown, machinist, registration card.

3*. Augusta Marie Constantine, death certificate.

  1. Ella Etta Hall may be Ettie Ellen Hall
  2. Leon Constantine may be Mort D. Constantine

8*. Alden B Brown, census, prisoner, gunsmith.

  1. Aime “Amos” Sandoz – born in Neuchatel Switzerland, buried Defiance Ohio.
  2. Augusta J. Jacot – born in Neuchatel Switzerland
  3. Joshua Hoskins, Lieutenant War of 1812.
  4. Samuel Hoskins, (Capt.) Patriot Revolutionary War

22-25. French sounding names are really Swiss with a few German origins.

33, 34.* James Fitchette, Loyalist moved to Canada to fight.

41.* Reference to Joseph F Fitchette being the son of
James F. Fitchette and Cerise Oneida Indian
Grandma mentioned this woman in our history but dad (Art) was not able to find her.

*pdf document with items noted.

Transcript of interview with Charles Wesley Hunsberger — recalls early Hunsberger life.

LR Back: Art, Rosemary

Front: Jim, Wes, Grandma Emma, Ruth

Emma Edna Zimmerman Hunsberger

Generally, the people in this line were Anabaptists (Mennonites) who came to Lancaster, PA, area from Switzerland.

Most interesting in the line:

Magdalena (Kendig) Weber (abt. 1703 – 1758) Pioneer Widow
(She is our 10th Great — 3 times over!)

Link to info:

About Magdalena Maudlin Weber

Maudlin Kendig, Pioneer Widow.

Henry Weber was about 54 years old and left his widow (who was Maudlin Kendig before marriage) a daughter of Jacob Kendig, and a granddaughter of Martin Kendig, of the first ship load of Mennonite colonists on the Pequea, who with two sons, Henry, aged 9 and Christian, aged 14, with six daughters, several of them married, one of them, Eva, who afterwards became the wife of John Wissler was an infant. To this pioneer widow, it became the lot to manage a farm of nearly four hundred acres and rear her family.

Link to info:

Hans Landis, the martyr (11th Great)

Hans “The Martyr” Landis was a notable Anabaptist and was probably the most famous Landis. He gained notoriety by being the last martyr in Switzerland to be executed for his religious beliefs.

Don and I visited the memorial plaque in Zurich.