Inspiration from odd sources

I am not a Joan Rivers fan or follower. But, she died today and  believe it or not, she has been an inspiration to me. You know how people have said things to you in the past that you remember over and over? It may have been a passing comment or something overheard  and unintentional, but it set an example to follow or became an inspiration to live by.

I’ve  used a quote by Joan for many years — from the looks of Google, about 27 years. Right at the time of my self-employment beginnings, Joan lost her husband to a suicide.  I remember seeing her doing an interview on TV afterward and she was saying that she was panicked because she had no source of income and was really strung out. She determined this course of action: she got out her sizable Rolodex (young folks can Google that) and started at the beginning phoning her contacts.  One by one, she talked to people about her future, gleaning ideas and suggestions from her contacts. She said that when she got through the Rolodex, she started over again at the beginning. At the suggestion of one of those contacts, I believe she started a cosmetic jewelry line and maybe other things. But, she worked it out and became successful again.

So very simple and yet fantastic! This was before Facebook, LinkedIn and probably even email. But the bottom line is, your best resources are your personal connections. Thanks, Joan.