Learning to be Grateful for What You Didn’t Want to Happen

In the news this week was a poignant quote by Stephen Colbert. He said he has learned to “love the thing that I most wish had not happened.”

Colbert was talking about grief and loss but it applies to other things. How profound and full of hope! The things that may have meant to harm us can really turn out for good in our lives. An example happened to me this summer.

On a social media group where I have been a long time “regular,” I published a whimsical painting of Andi for fun, laughs, and to lighten the group’s mood. In spite of a lot of “likes,” comments, and requests for more (which I attempted to take in the private realm) the administrators totally shut me down and blocked me due to their “no enterprise” rules an an assumption of my desire for sales. I must have struck quite a nerve because the response was unlike similar situations occurring just months before. And, I am still blocked even though I provided a polite explanation.

While this was quite hurtful to me and blatantly unfair, history shows many creative individuals, instead of throwing in the towel, becoming highly energized by critics or bad press. That is what happened to me. The accusations have given me great momentum to be myself, knowing my true intent, and to plow forward with creative projects. Since this episode I have developed and published The Adventures of Andi the Adorable Cardigan Welsh Corgi! I’m getting great feedback, have shipped them internationally, and I was offered a retail outlet for sales. I have been invited to story times with Andi and to exhibit in an upcoming show.

So, let’s keep looking for the “turn” in the thing we wish hadn’t happened and be grateful for the hurts in life that are really helpful. Just push past them and GO ON!!