Not for sale – Small 4×6″ quick sketches to help define the big picture!

Best viewed on desktop.

My last painting spurt was 1999-2001 when I was happy to reconnect with a brilliant colorist and oil painter who had taught me in high school. At that time, I was working in oil on large canvases.

Lately I have gravitated to small and water-based work for a couple practical reasons. First, I wanted a separate space other than my graphic design office for a fresh, creative spark. That left me with a corner of the guest bedroom near a south-facing window. The “mess factor” is much less. Secondly, my attention span from years of working at the computer is short. I want to see quick results – either good or bad, and move on. Watercolor works for that. These little paintings have been a great exercise to help me stop over-thinking and just enjoy the scene.